Paradise Island,
Aug. 21-31, 2016

Immerse yourself in the music of the Americas!

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Welcome to The Bahamas 2016

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Why America Cantat?
March 10, 2016

With all the options for you as a singer or a conductor to travel and participate in international events, why choose to take part in America Cantat this summer? As if the promise of sun-drenched, white sandy beaches and Caribbean blue water weren’t enough to entice you, here are the top 5 reasons you should attend:

1. Flexible schedule: yes, the festival runs from August 21 – 31, but there will be plenty of activities and opportunities each day that would allow a shorter trip to be just as enriching. Even if you can only come for a long weekend, our festival staff will ensure your experience is top-notch. Moreover, if you can’t decide on just one workshop, email to request attending multiple and really get your money’s worth.
2. Come as a group or Come Solo: even if your full choir can’t make the trip, there are plenty of performance and learning opportunities for those who want to “Come Solo.”
3. Family vacation: With great hotel rates, built in daily activities (either through the Atlantis resort or through participating in the festival), and fabulous food, this is the perfect chance to take the family on one more trip before the back-to-school grind gets in full swing.
4. Learn from the greats: Our staff of workshop leaders and gala choir conductors are among the best in the world, and they are conveniently located in one place for you for 10 days.
5. Sing!: This festival is all about singing great music, so choral and singing enthusiasts of all stripes are welcome. We will be singing and listening to a large variety of styles and genres of choral music all day, every day, so there is sure to be something for everyone of all ages and experiences. (And you know doctors say that singing is good for your health–so think of it as your daily exercise.)